Essential Spiritual Toolkit


In your One-on-One Private Retreat Day You Will:

Jump Start Your Vibration and Release Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

•  Learn how to transform any situation into a place that you feel comfortable and safe.
•  Understand practical and easy ways to replenish yourself
•  Jump-start your vibration, so you attract exactly what you want
•  Deepen your connection to spirit
•  Empower your life



During your One-Day Private Retreat I will teach you tools and techniques that will get you crystal clear on your vision while you gain confidence in your purpose to feel empowered everyday.  You will also receive Healing Crystals to support and energize your growth and receive a rejuvenating healing on my amazing Jade Bio-Mat.

Each component weaves a net, creating safety as you make this transformational change in your life, from feeling powerless to empowered.

I will be there to support you every step of the way.

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