Soaring to Spirit A Six-month Spiritual Awakening

Are  you ready to go deep?


Are you ready to make the changes that you have been trying to make but have had a hard time staying committed?

Are you suffering from confusion or anxiety? Do you experience an empty feeling or feeling  lost and overwhelmed? Have you had a health crisis that has made you question everything you know?

Find your true voice and live the life you came here to live!

Aa a spiritual minister and  coach I also consider myself a cheerleader; relentless cheerleader in your favor. When you feel that there is no where to go I will show you new amazing tools that will carry you to the fruition of your wildest dreams and beyond. We have not come to this world to suffer. Its time to embrace the joy that is truly you so that you can be even more effective in your life.

Once you make a commitment to yourself first
You will have access to tools that I have used to create my life
and you will speed through energy blocks that have been in place for what feels like forever
You’ll move seamless through transitions with your very own relentless cheerleader (me!)

Included in you  Six-Month Program:

  • exclusive private one-day retreat
  • Readings and private classes
  • phone check-in sessions
  • recorded sessions
  • unlimited email access
  • and at the end we will have a half-day private retreat celebrating all that you have accomplished!

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