Holistic coaching

Holistic coaching

Are  you ready to go deep?


Are you ready to make the changes that you have been trying to make but have had a hard time staying committed?

Are you suffering from confusion or anxiety? Do you experience an empty feeling or feeling  lost and overwhelmed? Have you had a health crisis that has made you question everything you know?

Find your true voice and live the life you came here to live!

Aa a spiritual minister and  coach I also consider myself a cheerleader; relentless cheerleader in your favor. When you feel that there is no where to go I will show you new amazing tools that will carry you to the fruition of your wildest dreams and beyond. We have not come to this world to suffer. Its time to embrace the joy that is truly you so that you can be even more effective in your life.

Once you make a commitment to yourself first
You will have access to tools that I have used to create my life
and you will speed through energy blocks that have been in place for what feels like forever
You’ll move seamless through transitions with your very own relentless cheerleader (me!)

What does your spirit need?

With my Signature Intuitive Blend you will:

  • Discover what you want from your life
  • Understand and resolve self-sabotaging behavior
  • Release fear, uncertainty and doubt
  • Deepen your understanding and appreciation of yourself
  • Cope with major life changes such as divorce, death, or illness with ease and grace
  • Ease worry so you can make decisions more clearly
  • Heal the pain of guilt and shame
  • Empower your passion 
  • Reconnect with the divine feminine within you


One-on-One Private Retreat Day 

Jump Start Your Vibration and Release Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

•  Learn how to transform any situation into a place that you feel comfortable and safe.
•  Understand practical and easy ways to replenish yourself
•  Jump-start your vibration, so you attract exactly what you want
•  Deepen your connection to spirit
•  Empower your life

During your One-Day Private Retreat I will teach you tools and techniques that will get you crystal clear on your vision while you gain confidence in your purpose to feel empowered everyday.  You will also receive Healing Crystals to support and energize your growth and receive a rejuvenating healing on my amazing Jade Bio-Mat.

Each component weaves a net, creating safety as you make this transformational change in your life, from feeling powerless to empowered.

I will be there to support you every step of the way.

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Soaring to Spirit

  • Your investment in our exclusive one-day Private Retreat will apply towards the rest of the program; $1500
  • We will have monthly reading/healings
  • We  will meet for monthly one on one classes 
  • 15-30 minute check-in between sessions
  • We both know that the power lies in the in between portions. Really allowing you to put all of the tools you learn to work in your everyday life.
  • Each call will be recorded and can be used as a review for the whole program as you go and to take with you when we are finished.
  • We will wrap up our program together with a half day retreat that will celebrate all that you have accomplished.

I know that you are really working hard to make your life more of what you want and more fulfilling. I also know that when you engage your spirit through a meditation practice that there is no effort in creating fully vibrant personal and creative world full of people that lift you up and pull you forward. I am a relentless cheerleader, as you know, and would be honored to cheer you through the process. I know what you are capable of when you make a committed decision.

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