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My Story

Happy Anniversary, Odie! (My No-Eyed Shih-Tzu)

It has been 3 years since I adopted Odie. He was rescued from CACC by Thee Fishbowl in Evanston IL. And what an adventure it has been!
Odie first haircut
(Odie’s first haircut)

Odie came to me tired and worn after who knows how long in a shelter after who knows how many homes. He slept for the first two weeks and was very docile in the beginning. We had our challenges as to who was in charge. We both had our meltdowns. Marlene, from Bark Busters, helped me tremendously by showing me what it meant to have a dog, having been a cat person forever.

Odie has traveled with me to Cleveland, North Carolina, New Mexico and most recently accompanied me to BlogPaws Conference, in Las Vegas, and Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah. He loves to fly and ride in the car and sees traveling as a great partnership…even when I steer him into a pole on occasion (by accident!).

photo 3              odie Kanab
(Odie at BlogPaws with his new friend Manny the Frenchie) (Odie enjoying the view in Kanab)

One of the things I learned early on with Odie is that he is an agent of change.  He came to me so well trained and in the last three years he has adjusted, generally, to a house with five cats.

Odie came in at a time when I was working for myself, having just moved to my first house and spending a lot of time at home. He seemed to take it upon himself to get me out of the house. The routine of walking him allowed for so much creation in my business (step away from the computer!).

When I adopted Odie, he came with severe glaucoma.  After about nine months, he made it clear it was making him very uncomfortable. With great enthusiasm, he helped me raise funds, and within a month we had raised enough money to cover the cost of his surgery (double eye removal). He struggled with tremendous pain immediately after the surgery, but within a few days, he came through like a champ and is so much more comfortable as a no-eyed Shih-Tzu.

Odie after surgery
(about a week after surgery, they left him with a little goatee)

Odie has opened up so many doors to me in the three years we have spent together. He opened the doors of vulnerability, growth and partnership delivering me to the door of another wonderful adventurous relationship. And as a dear friend said to me when I told her I adopted Odie, “Get a dog, get a man!” The three of us have been on so many adventures in the past two and a half years.

Odie and DBF)

Our most recent adventure took place while we were in Kanab, Utah. After walking the labyrinth in Angel’s Overlook Cemetery at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, we stood on what felt like the edge of the world, facing the full moon rising, while the sun set behind us — with a furiously blowing wind. I made the decision to let go of all of my burdens and all of my mock-ups, to set them free to the wind and the moon. Once I felt complete, I turned to walk back to the car when Odie pulled and clearly said “I’m not done!” I paused and he sat down facing the wind and the moon;  then, with a big gust of wind, Odie let it go too. It was amazing to share this moment with him.

photo  photo 1 photo 3
Angel’s Overlook, Odie with rock “Angel’s Gather Here”, Labyrinth )

I look forward to more amazing adventures with Odie. He now has a Facebook page and Instagram site. I know that we are still lighting each other up as we learn to trust more and feel safe in our ever changing realities.  We continue to grow and change together discovering everything we cannot see come manifest.


If you are interested in learning more about animal communication please visit my website, Healing Habitat.

This entry was posted on May 23, 2014.

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