Odie’s Astral Body Was Jacked

Odie’s Astral Body Was Jacked

This blog was originally posted in 2013. Since then Odie has made so many profound changes and has become a truly happy dog. And so well loved.

One of the healings I offer is an Astral Body Healing. Astral bodies are very much like physical bodies, it is the spiritual body that you dream with. It is the next less dense body from the physical, an exact copy that clips into the physical. Astral bodies take on a lot of energy. Astral Bodies help to clear energy before it hits the physical body. It can also hold on to energy thus rendering the physical body impaired in some way. When the astral body is the effect of this energy they can look very different than the physical body it reflects. Sometimes this energy is not even from this lifetime.

I gave Odie a healing a couple nights ago. It was an astral body healing, not a usual healing that I do with animals. Odie’s astral body was jacked. His astral body looked like a fossil. Not just bones, but bones that had turned to iron. It was like a spine, rib cage and lower jaw that had fossilized. So, when Odie slept and came back to his physical body this armature pinched and grabbed his little body. He has always had a hard time waking up. He growls and lunges if you even say good morning. It has always seemed that he is disoriented, not sure what is real. I have always thought this was primarily because he is blind (Odie is blind due to severe glaucoma which forced the removal of both eyes), but now after seeing his astral body, I know that there is more at work here.

(drawing of Odie’s Astral Body and Odie)

When I began the healing of his astral body, the armature demanded that I just look at it. Hold space for the pain that Odie has endured and have reverence for the dramatic shift that was taking place. Odie was unsure of what else there could be if this were not part of his reality. I moved it off to the side and let it and Odie rest. In the mean time I helped him rebuild his astral body, restoring from the original blue print from this lifetime; what he came in to be. I saw Odie as a little puppy, cute and perky and sweet. This is just a small part of a big blue light that encompasses Odie’s whole spirit. After bringing the original blue print in, Odie was much more open to letting the old armature go. He allowed me to erase it. I can still see that he has a mental image picture that it is still there, but it is de-energized, holding no charge. It sits outside his aura, like a postcard, and everyday is fading more and more allowing Odie to experience what is going on around him without this painful filter. I brought his astral body into present time and clipped it into his physical body. Odie slept through much of his healing and just as I finished clearing out his aura he awoke and smacked his lips. I went to bed.

In the morning I awoke to hear Odie’s familiar growls but there was an added sound of self-soothing. An almost swallowed sound, one that he makes when he is begging for food and knows not to bark. Shortly after that he began to dance around happily prancing and ready for his day. We went for a nice walk knowing that from this day forward all is different. He still may have bad days, but he no longer has to endure the discomfort of a fossilized armature squeezing him all the time.

I have had Odie for almost 2 years now. There is not a week that goes by that there isn’t some major shift. Maybe he’s cranky, maybe he’s happy, maybe I just can’t handle him anymore, it all just keeps moving forward. This week I think we have turned a corner, a new beginning. We have found enough safety to finally have this healing.

Just think, if this can be so profound for a little blind dog, just imagine what it will do for your life…

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