OdiesEyes Forum for Blind, One-eyed and No-Eyed Dogs and Cats

OdiesEyes Forum for Blind, One-eyed and No-Eyed Dogs and Cats


This forum is for the blind, one-eyed and no-eyed dogs and cats and the caregivers who are adjusting to a whole new way of being.

We all have the information that we were given by our vets but it’s the day to day experiential life I hope to lend support to. What are the choices we have in making sure our pets can get around? What will it be like after the surgery?

I currently share my home with a one-eyed blind cat, Ralfie and a no eyed dog, Odie. This is my second blind cat. Both came to me this way. My first blind cat, Minoux, went blind due to hyper tension, poor nutrition and old age. I adopted her at the age of 12 and was told she had only weeks to live. We spent 3 wonderful years together. Ralfie was attacked by a dog when she was a kitten and was taken to a shelter where her right eye was removed and her left eye was left blind by her pupil fusing shut from the trauma.

And then there’s Odie. He started out with me blind but we took the journey together of a bilateral enucleation. It was quite an adventure but to this day I still see healing taking place for him.

I hope you will join in with your healing stories, experiences and questions and together we can build a community of love, resources and life after eyes.