There is no suffering in love

There is no suffering in love

There is no suffering in love. It seems that statement needs to be repeated each time it is expressed.  blog_rev1There is no suffering in love.  Where do we find that feeling?  How to we experience this idea?  How do we have this truth in our lives?  This is the essence of animal communication to me.  This is what animals Are always saying. It is the constant frequency they are broadcasting.  What does it take to hear that frequency?  Do they need to be lost? Broken? Mean? Abused? Destructive? What do we need to see that there is no suffering in love?

This is where I learned this lesson. Two of my cats are disabled, Francy, was hit by a car and Ralfie, was attacked by a dog. Francy, lost all the nerve function in her face, and she has a funny gait. Ralfie, lost an eye, lost sight in the other eye, her jaw was broken and now her tongue sticks out all the time.  I met them three weeks after moving to Chicago from NYC and I felt as broken as they looked. When met them they were considered unadoptable do to how they looked, no concerning health problems, just not appealing.  I felt the same way.

They have been great contributors to me becoming an animal communicator.  And through all of my training and practice it still took years to finally hear how their injuries came about.  How did it all happen?  How did it all go down?  They each answered in the same way at different times.  They both said “I got the call”.  Francy told me that she got the call that I was ready.  So she found the road, stepped in front of a car because that is how I could see her.  Ralfie told a similar story.  She got the call and found a neighborhood dog and asked for a favor, injure but do not kill.  The dog obliged and Ralfie ended up at a shelter in a plastic storage container.  I would not have seen them any other way.

The story of Francy and Ralfie is completely about no suffering in love.  They have not suffered in their injuries; they have chosen them with love.  Their mission took them on a road that they trusted would bring them to a loving accepting home. They are my miracles.

I live with these two beautiful girls who love with great abandon anyone who comes through the door.  They are my light and truth that there is no suffering in love.  They show me everyday that animals are always telling us there is no suffering in love.

Next time you are out in the world, with people or with animals, as you gaze into another’s eyes simply say to yourself there is no suffering in love and see how the world changes. 

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